"Women of Colour Have Been Warning Us About MRAs for Years and It’s Time to (Finally) Listen"

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I pulled my phone from my bag to see a text from my mom, "Are you okay?", and a missed call from my sister. I looked over to see my friend texting. She said her mom had also asked if she was okay.

We later learned a man drove a van onto the sidewalks of Yonge Street. Ten pedestrians were killed and sixteen were injured. The man has been linked to a misogynistic "incel" group through his Facebook account.
In this piece for Flare magazine, Sandy Hudson is straightforward about the motivation behind this attack and others like it. Hudson discusses how this attack fits into the context of our patriarchal society and then presents a way to move forward: believe the most vulnerable in our society when they report hateful activity, even when hateful speech begins on the internet.
She writes, "[The misogynist hate-net relies] on a society that doesn’t care what Black, Indigenous and women of colour have to say at the best of times, and consistently refuses to act when we describe the racism and misogyny we experience [...]
The time to start taking the misogynist hate-net seriously and organizing against gender-based violence is yesterday.
And the time to believe women of colour who sound the alarm on gender-based violence is always."

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