About us

Lloyd Brown Company is the creation of Bekah Brown, an alumnus of the Queens Biology program and Ryerson’s Fashion Design program. While Bekah found an obvious expression of the latter degree, she is still searching for an expression of the former degree, besides appreciating springtime blooms.
Lloyd Brown Company was founded the summer of 2016 when Bekah realized she wanted to use her skills and passion to draw attention to societal problems.  She enjoys expressing herself while working to produce thought-provoking, socially conscious clothing. 
The play on the lyrics of Canada’s national anthem on the Native Land t-shirt draws attention to the treatment of Indigenous peoples of Canada. It opens up room for the conversation about why Canadians quietly accept the mistreatment of their neighbours.
10% of the retail price of each purchase is donated to The Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto. The Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto is an organization founded by Aboriginal women. Their goal is to meet the needs of Indigenous women and their families, located within Toronto. You can find more information about the NWRCT, or donate directly to them, at http://nwrct.ca/.