Land Back Reusable Bag

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This reusable grocery bag is a take on the well-known “Thank You” plastic shopping bags, making a well known everyday object a political statement. It is made from washable paper, a material constructed from cellulose fibre and synthetic latex. It’s durable, strong, washable and can be recyclable when its life is over.

Each bag is silk screened by hand so the print may not always be perfect.  It looks better the more it's used so don't be afraid to mess it up.

Made from washable paper

Made entirely in Canada

10% of the profits are donated to the Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto


Care Instructions

Place your bag in the washing machine (with or without laundry detergent) and wash on cold.  It can be put in the dryer or air dried.  If you choose to use a dryer, be sure to remove it before it is completely dry so it can finish drying flat.  If you want your bag to have move texture, crunch it up and wash it again.



Empty Bag

Height: 21.5"

Width: 12.5"

Full Bag

Height: 18.5"

Width: 12.5"

Depth: 6"


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